education is the backbone of a nation

education is the backbone of a nation

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The most important factor in development of country

On this statement my personal opinion is "YES", education plays the most important in the development of any country. In my opinion education is the backbone of any country or you can say that now it's the basic need of basic need of the entire world. Now let me define what is EDUCATION, basically education is the process of getting knowledge about anything which is required for the people, the country for which we say that this is the country which is undeveloped has the main factor for its UN development is the uneducated people. Education is the birth right to every citizen of the country so, the government of the country should run the programs by which every citizen of the country become educated & after the government it's the responsibility of the people to educate their family member. The main thing that government should educate the children who are orphan. Mainly the orphan children are left uneducated so this should be the step to educate those children's.
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Education is not only the factor that affect the development of any country, but it affect the surrounding or the personally him/herself also. Education increases the personality of any person in many ways like education changes the behavior, life style, the way of dressing, sitting & talking also. Education is the most important factor for our freedom or democracy.

In any country it is necessary to invest a big part of the profit by any field in the education field since, in many countries governments prefers to invest in the arms not thinking to divert the resources from the military where war & win is everything. The governments are blind they should understand that there are many basic requirement of country...

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