Effect of Financial Crisis on Ibs

Effect of Financial Crisis on Ibs

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• Impact of present global financial crisis that had affect
• To make a clear cut study on the precautionary measures taken by the firm.


The subprime crisis has and it’s Repuraction .

The sub prime crisis has it’s origin in 2007 in USA. The US banks were lending loans in the housing sector without looking at the credit capacity of customers ,because land and housing prices were very high and banks thought that even if the customers made any default in payment the banks can make easy recovery.
But in 2008 the housing Babble “ Bust ” .The demand for the property and real estate fall down drastically. And this lead to lot of default in payment form the customers side. The banks could not do to recover the money back. The reason was that if they could recover the property from the customers then also they will be in a huge lose .This lead the banks to crumble and may of the leading Financial institution like Lee Man Brothers went in to bankruptcy.
When the financial went into the liquidation it effected the entire economy of the USA. And this lead like a wild fire to the entire Glob. All most all the countries in the world has trade with US.As we know that we are having a good export relation with US it also affected our export very badly. Our major export to US where Rubber,Cashunut s,tea,coffee,sea foods were affected very badly.
Mean while the consumption of crude oil went down. It affected the oil producing countries .Eventually as a result the entire glob is affected by the by the financial crisis that occurred in US.


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