efficiency of banking

efficiency of banking

Three Essays on Bank Efficiency

A Thesis
Submitted to the Faculty
Drexel University
Yi-Kai Chen

in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the degree
Doctor of Philosophy
July 2001


To my parents


First of all, I would like to thank my parents. Without them, I am not able to
write this dissertation now. They encouraged and supported me a lot during the time
that I have been in the United States.

My brother, Yu-Cheng, was also very

supportive while he stayed with me for two years at Drexel University. Without their
encouragement and support, I do not think I can finish my degree successfully.

I profoundly thank my advisor, Dr. Higgins, for this unconditional supervision
and guidance. Thanks for your strong support not only in academics but also in my
daily life. I learned a lot from him. He made a lot of effort in checking my writing.
Because of him, my awful writing in this dissertation is still readable. Mrs. Higgins
was also very supportive. I appreciated that they regarded me as a student and a
friend. I am also very lucky that I know their 14- month old son, Dylan. Without
them, I don’t think I could have made it.

I truly appreciate the valuable suggestions and guidance from the committee
members, Dr. Chiang, Dr. Higgins, Dr. Mason, Dr. Yan, and Dr. Koziara. Dr. Chiang
provided me a lot of support and guidance during my time in Ph.D. program. I thank
Dr. Mason for leading me into the banking area. I really appreciate his initial ideas so
that I can explore such an interesting topic in this dissertation.
information was really helpful throughout.

His updated

My special appreciation goes to Dr. Yan and Dr. Koziara. They are like my
parents in the United States. They took care of my daily life and my academic work.
I am so lucky that they treated me like their son. They also made a lot of effort in
checking my grammar. It really helped for my job interview. I...

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