Embed Elements of Functional Skills

Embed Elements of Functional Skills

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Adonia Archodakis

Embed Elements Of Functional Skills

To help your employees retain the everyday skills needed, you must encourage them to use all factors of a working salon. Once there are fully working in the salon, they need to build up their confidence in many areas, which will stand your employees in good stead. By helping them develop their communication skills in customer service, you will encourage them to interact on a daily basis thus giving them the confidence in building up a rapport with cliental. This will only help them achieve an understanding of how to react with questions, queries and possible problems that could arise giving them the ability to solve the issue using the knowledge they have acquired.

There are many ways in which an employee can develop their functional skills. They have many duties within a salon that they must fulfil. They would have had an induction to the cashing area, learning what system we use. This will help develop their I.T skills and their numeracy skills. The obvious is receiving cash in many different forms and dealing with correct change if needed.

Also they are responsible for stock levels and stock rotation. This instils responsibility in making sure they are fully stocked to carry out the treatments they have appointments for. Also when employees up sale products after treatment to clients there is stock availability. This way they will grasp the concept of how wastage should be kept to a minimum, and learn the value of loss.

Their duties include organising their time with appointments, making sure they have left enough of a gap between clients and also taking into account the length of the treatment they will be carrying out when booking appointments. Making each employee responsible for how many clients they have will help them with organisational skills, which is a must in this industry.

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