English as second language

English as second language

Unit 2 The Study of English

Module 1 Grammar


Use an example of each of the following in a sentence and underline it.

1. an adjective

He writes meaningless letters.

2. an adverb

Always learn your lessons before doing your exercises.

3. a countable noun

I have four dogs.

4. an uncountable or mass noun

You must have experience to apply for the job.

5. a conjunction

We were tired yet exhilarated by the end of our first day camping.

6. a preposition of time

Let’s meet at 7pm for dinner.

7. a preposition of movement

The train went through the tunnel.

8. a question tag

We’re working tomorrow, aren’t we?

9. an auxiliary verb

Tom has a large stain on his shirt.

10. a gerund (as subject of a sentence)

Cooking is a hobby of mine.

Write an example for each of the following :-

1. a positive statement

I always go to the gym after work.

2. a negative statement

No one in my class studies English.

3. an interrogative

Has anyone seen my phone?

4. an imperative

Please leave when the door opens.


Write 2 sentences in each of the following tenses and where appropriate use complex sentences in order to demonstrate the tense in context eg ‘When I was......., I .........’

1. present simple

a) He drinks tea at breakfast.

b) It rains every afternoon in the summer.

2. present continuous or present progressive

a) We are learning the progressive tense in English.

b) I’m just leaving work. I will be home in thirty minutes.

3. past simple

a) I visited Jamaica last year.

b) They went to the beach.

4. past continuous (progressive)

a) They were waiting for the bus when the accident happened.

b) When the fire started I was watching television.

5. present perfect

a) I think I have met him once.

b) I’ve been...

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