English Essay Story

English Essay Story

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The breath caught in Hailey's throat as she ran down the manky, dirt and rat ridden alley. She was running from something unknown. Something wicked beyond compare that Hailey couldn't see. She stumbled over rotting bags of garbage and discarded scraps of metal.
Disgust filled her nostrils as she inhaled deeply, gasping for air.
Her heart felt like it was going to explode from her chest. Her hands trembled and her legs wouldn't stop shaking from fear.
Hailey spotted an old, rusted garbage can in the far corner of the alley and tripped over a few scattered beer bottles trying to reach it.
Hailey collapsed against the side of the bin, trying to catch her breath. The ground was wet underneath her slender fingers and she cringed.

The air suddenly changed from dank and moist to a bone chilling cold that seeped into Hailey's heart, momentarily stopping its erratic beating. Her face paled as chills crept up her spine. The air was eerily dead and her sharp breathing was the only sound She stood up quickly, dead leaves crunching beneath her hands and feet.
"H-Hello?" She called out into the impenetrable darkness.
"Is anybody there?"
There was silence, and then, Hailey heard something move. It was a deadly sound. A dreadful sound. Someone was walking, calmy, with hushed footsteps, towards her. She gasped. "H-Hello?" She said again.
"Hello, my angel." A soft, menacing voice whispered in her ear.
Hailey screamed, her voice filling every corner of the abandoned alley. Even though she knew no-one was coming, maybe someone, anyone, would here her.

A tall, beautiful man stood in front of her. His face was the perfect picture of God-like, and pitch black hair fell into his face. Hailey's eyes met his and her mouth fell open.
Two glowing red eyes stared hungrily back at her. They were like burning embers in a hearth.

Hailey turned away, but two long, slender hands roughly shoved her into the wall."Hmm... where do you think you're going?" He hissed into her ear....

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