english essay

english essay

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Ever since there were humans ,their have been roofs over their heads.It’s the best thing in the world ,your safe from any type of danger,protected from mother nature, and lastly it has everything humans need to

survive.Kitchens,bathrooms,bedrooms,are all very important key things to escape,and help prepare us to escape from the world.Its also helps humans live a comforable life and reach their full potential to succeed in are daily lives.

Thats what my house means too me, now let me take you on a tour in my house.I will, now show you a tour of my house and why I think its so special to me.

Welcome, so as you can see I have a one story story residents,with huge open windows looking out to the front yard.I have collorful garden,with daisys and red roses long the side walk to the front door.Vines that the

last ower planted have grown,like keep forest on the front of my house.The front is very tucked in making it hard to tell, how big my house is from the front. My driveway is narrow,and can hold three cars,with a gorgeous brink wall

running along the side my driveway.Once you get to the very end of my driveway to the left is a little side room that was used from storage and housing step mothers before I moved in. I put up a five foot wood gate for my husky and

did alot of work in this room to improve the apperence.The first thing I did was paint the room a easter egg blue, then I mounted a flat screen television, I also put in a air condition unit and ceiling fan to make it live able. The finally

touches to the room was cleaning it really good ,before putting in my queen sized bed and my fifth,two inch fish tank that I put on the dresser under the television.I really turned this storage room into a quiet ,nice entertainment

room.The bathroom is small but makes up for its size with the marble floors and the up grades the last ower did to the bathroom.I love this room because,It is the perfect room for me to...

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