English Mytery Story

English Mytery Story

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The corrupt Jewels

Inspector Prescott and his assistant Mr. Monroe were eagerly waiting for the package at the train station. Prescott was a tall man, he took pride to dress formally; today he wore a sharp Italian suit, one of his favourites. As he was waiting at the station he took out small metallic cigar case from his pockets, then he opened it and took a cigar out. As he fumbled through his pockets looking for his lighter, a train came to an abrupt stop. A dark man wearing casual clothes attentively stepped off the train.

Prescott finally managed to get the lighter out of his pocket; he lit the fine Cuban Cigar and then inhaled the smoke deeply.
“Do you want a smoke”? Prescott asked.
“No, I don’t smoke”, replied the man.
“Lets get to business”, as Prescott, continued to converse with the man, Monroe decided to have a look around. He walked to the newsagents, as he entered he was kindly greeted by a middle aged women. He picked up the paper and softly placed it on the counter.
“That will be fifty pence,” said the women. Monroe handed over the money and left. As he stepped outside it started to rain, and thunder cackled in the background like a witch conjuring a wicked potion.

Monroe walked carefully and as far away from the train tracks as possible, it was wet and he did not want to slip. He eventually got back to Prescott.
“Well we got what we came here for, or at least you did. So what is inside the briefcase anyway”?
“It does not concern you” Prescott stated.
“What are you trying to hide Prescott”?
“I said it does not concern you, get into the car”! They both clambered into the 4x4 and sped off. As Monroe drove on there was an awkward silence between them.

The car came to a halt and the two men stepped out of the car. The both entered the police station. They both took their jackets off and placed it on a hook. Monroe then strolled along to his desk and sat down. He turned on the computer and waited. As he waited he thought: I need to...

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