english tasks

english tasks



Read the examples below and decide for each one if the tone is rising or falling:-

A) Is Pierre French? Rising

B) No, he's from Belgium. Falling

A) Which area? Falling

B) Bruges, I believe. Falling

A) Will you lend me £10? Rising

B) Certainly not. Falling

A) Who goes there? Falling

B) It's only me. Falling

A) Bread? Rising

B) No thanks. Falling

A) I'm not going to Paris. Falling

B) No? Rising

A) Do you travel to France by boat or by plane? Rising
B) Oh! We always fly. Falling


Underline the words you think could be stressed in each of the sentences below. You should give an explanation of why those words are being stressed (only one word or one set of words per sentence). For some sentences you will be asked to provide two versions.

Hint: Read out each sentence several times so you can work out which word or words would be stressed and the reason for that stress.

Example: I haven’t seen him since yesterday.

I haven’t seen him since yesterday.

In this sentence, yesterday is stressed as the speaker wants to emphasise when contact took place - perhaps the question was:
When did you last see him?

I haven’t seen him since yesterday.

In this sentence, him is stressed as it is the person the speaker hasn’t seen though he may have seen another. Maybe two people were asked about:
Have you seen either of these two near the house?

1. He telephoned the police yesterday.
(Give two versions of the sentence.)
He telephoned the police yesterday. Emphasizes that the police were called, rather than another agency, organization or individual.
He telephoned the police yesterday. Stresses the timing of the call to the police; yesterday rather than today, for instance.

2. Can you show me the diamonds?
(Give two versions of the sentence.)
Can you show me the diamonds =...

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