Candice Harley owns a craft store. On a recent buying trip to Miranda, she located a
vendor who manufactures bat houses that have been carved from a single piece of
wood. The woman who makes these bat houses is named Rachelle Vendor. Candice
believes that she could probably sell 10 or 20 of these bat houses per week. She
negotiates a purchase price of $9 for each bat house. Rachelle has some conditions that she would like to insert into their written contract. She wants a provision that states that she has the right to terminate the contract should the lumber that she uses be declared
illegal, or if the price of his lumber increases by more than 20%. Also should there be a dispute, she wants some form of 3rd party meditation. She also wants any court action to be based on the laws of Massachusetts. Rachelle has recently heard that the Italian wood that she uses for her bat houses has recently been placed on the Endangered Species list. She wants to make sure, should the wood not be available, that she will have a remedy for any breach that Candice may claim

Candice would like to receive 200 bat houses within sixty days of the contract date.
She would then like to receive 100 bat houses by the first day of each succeeding
month, until a total of 1000 bat houses have been delivered. She will make payment by
a certified check within 10 days of delivery. Candice is concerned about the quality of
the bat houses and wishes to insert a contract provision that allows her to reject specific
bat houses if she feels that some of them do not meet her specifications. Rachelle and
Candice have worked out an overall list of specifications, which will be attached to the
contract. You do not need to create this list of specifications, but you do need to refer to
it in the contract itself.

Draft a contract that clearly establishes the agreement between
Rachelle and Candice and includes their various...

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