English the man in distress

English the man in distress

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The Man in Distress

In the air there’s a musky stench of ammonia, which envelopes and covers the darkness where a man found himself in a state of anxiety and panic. The man is near death and is sweating profusely being wet all over his body. The heat is unbearable and at the same time the feeling of anxiety is melting his heart. The man’s breathing becomes faster and louder and he is hyperventilating. There’s a sense of shrivelling of fear causing the man in distress to yell for help but he is only encountering utter silence.

Many questions start to pile in his mind as he draws his attention to the empty nothingness around him. Sounds of windows breaking can be heard from the nearby distance. It sounded like the clatter of glass and metal. The man sways his head left and right calling for help to whatever he heard. In sadness and pitying himself anger clouds his senses, yet he is unwilling to give up. He scampers around running left, right and centre but making no headway.

He is eager to find someone in this dark and empty hellish environment. A run with adrenalin rushing through his brain causes his veins to pop up like balloons. He tries to free himself from this darkness as it consumes him with a long and dreary silence. The man started to feel a chill within him, not as a result of the intensive heat and bleak environment but the oppressive fear buried inside of him. The fear of deep loneliness and weakness is depicted in his voice. This feeling of hopelessness was unusual to him as he suddenly hears voices of a woman yelling at someone. He cannot figure out who the other person is that the woman is yelling at, yet the voices sound very familiar but the more he hears, the quieter it got until the point where not a sound could be heard.

He broke into an unbearable frenzy coupled with fury as he began searching for the voices. Solid drops of tears and sweat dripped down his beefcake like torso and onto the dew-wet ground beneath his feet. There...

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