Essay University Admission

Essay University Admission

a) My current experience in the child care centres; b) reasons for applying for the Masters degree programme and MSF Scholarships; c) my careers goals, in terms of contribution to my child care centre and the pre-school sector; d) any other relevant information.

12 January 2014


When I was growing up I wanted to be everything I could think of from a nurse to a police officer. You name it and I wanted to be it. I could not make up my mind and even as I started studying for Specialised Diploma in Early childhood education – Teaching and Leadership no decision for teaching was made. I waited six years until coming to the realization that I would like to teach. A small girl in United-World College of South East Asia (Where I was working as Executive Secretary) helped me come to this realization. I did not even know who she was, but somehow she caught my attention. The first time I looked at her I saw nothing, just an ordinary girl, but something made me look again. When I did the girls’ face was glowing like she was an angel and then she just smiled. The smile filled my heart with such joy that from that moment on I realized that I wanted to see that smile everyday as a preschool teacher. I wanted to become a part of a child’s learning experience and development. The following pages contain my early childhood teaching experiences, my career goals and the reasons for pursuing my Masters Degree with Wheelock Collage.

By Applying for Masters Degree, I will enhance my knowledge, skills and I would be able to deliver better outcomes for children. Furthermore this program will increase leadership qualities individually and for the institution... The process of Master’s study in early childhood education will strengthen my ability to lead as a director in quality programs in early childhood education. It will provide me with the tools and skills need to provide leadership and manage the day-to-day activities in schools, preschools, day care centres. Secondly, the...

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