Ethic Diversity

Ethic Diversity

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Erica Tweed

University of Phoenix Axia Campus

The United States has always been known as the melting pot. Our nation is comprised of opportunities and equal rights for every individual in every race, or ethnicity. How much discrimination and prejudice has become of each ethnicity to gain these rights and benefits? We are truly a melting pot now, but the efforts of each ethnicity to gain those rights are unbelievable. As an African American, my people have been subjected to segregation, prejudice, and humiliation, before we finally became equals within this melting pot nation. Our nation is now the most desired country to be in; we honor, and respect every individual despite race and ethnicity. What exactly did African Americans have to endure to become an accepted ethnicity?

African Americans obviously originated from Africa. We came to the United States in a form of immigration. Actually, in reality we were brought here by white ethnics for the sole purpose of slavery. There were millions of us transported to the United States, to maintain farms and assist farmers with their work. Once, we arrived we worked on farms as slaves for many years, we were finally freed from slavery around the middle eighteen hundreds. Once, we were freed from slavery we were still not an accepted part of the United States. We endured segregation, prejudice, and racism. After, we were freed we were subjected to prejudice for once being their slaves, and then we were supposed to be considered equals. Africans Americans were subjected to immense prejudice, we were not able to vote, own land, or even attend school. We were highly unfortunate when it came to our race, our race decided everything even our status to go out to a restaurant. Then, we were actually segregated against; we had separate bathrooms, separate restaurants, separate schools, and even separate means of transportation. The amount of discrimination that went on in the...

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