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In the present hospitality industry, hospitality managers are always facing some ethical issues in their business. Those issues should be concerned when the managers made the decision. Therefore, managing ethics is serious business for all international hospitality managers. It should be handled carefully and seriously. Otherwise, conflict and misunderstanding would be caused easily with the government, the society, the guests and the staffs. Hence, how to balance the ethical consideration and the economic effects in the management is became a big question for all managers to think about it.

In the world, different country has different ethical norm. Ethics is a set of customary principles, and practices embodying some sort of a normative code to adhere to being ethical would mean carrying out that code. According to Trevino & Nelson (2004), the definition of ethics is the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group which focus on conduct. In management, ethical issues are affected by environment influences, culture influences, society influences and technology influences. It is easy to manage a business in a domestic operation with a same culture that everyone seems to speak the same language, have similar values and norms. However, especially hospitality industry, it has so rapidly developed globally, management is no longer restricted to the domestic territory, and constantly confronts cultural diversity. For example, in Australia, many Chinese and Indians are working in hospitality industry. On the other hand, most of the guests are western people. Therefore, all of them have different ethics norm, and managers sometimes may hard to make a decision because of the ethical issues. Therefore, doing business globally opens the arena for conflicts in norms. Thus, the shareholders should consider the ethical issues in any decision making, not only focusing on the own profit.

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