Ethical Dilemma with the Effects of Hurricane Katrina

Ethical Dilemma with the Effects of Hurricane Katrina

Sushma Gurung
Introduction to Ethics
Hurricane Paper

Topics: Ethical Dilemma
Due to Hurricane Katrina, our hospital in New Orleans is about to lose power now. Being the lead doctor of a hospital, among the 10 people on the life support system, I’ve decided to choose the following 6 people to continue to receive life support from the auxiliary power unit:

I will choose a 45 years Old Catholic priest because the person is a priest, one of the very respectful people in the society. He has done good deeds in his life that’s why he is a priest. He can make people do well in life. He can change people from evil to human by his thoughts and knowledge. Also, he is only 45 years old; still have many years for which he can work for the society.

A 23 year old single Broadway actress who is young and has talent to entertain other people has right to live. So I would choose her and saved her life because she is independent, has a long way to go and could be a famous actress and contribute society. So, saving her would be my morally justifiable decision.

A 60 year old congressman is very experienced and has already lived half of his life as a politician. He can take part in the betterment of the society and people can work under his leadership since he is very experienced. So, it would be morally justified to save him.

I will choose a 19 year old college student with a drug problem because, the person is a young college student and his/her drug problem can be cured by different methods. Just because s/he is a drug addict, I won’t ignore the fact that s/he is young, college going student who can be a good citizen of a country.

My next choice would be a biochemist because, though the person is a racist, s/he is a biochemist and we all know the importance of biochemist in today’s world. It’s his/her personal view that s/he is racist, but it’s not above the truth that the person has a very good career and...

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