Ethical, Legal, Regulatory Issues in E-Business

Ethical, Legal, Regulatory Issues in E-Business

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Ethical, Legal, Regulatory Issues In E-Business

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EBUS 400 – e-Business

May 1, 2006

Although the use of the electronic business technologies expanding rapidly, there are many barriers that may hinder the development of e-commerce aside from cultural barriers and differing consumer preferences. Other factors that impact the organization involves both macro-environment and micro-environment sector. The macro-environment includes: social, legal, economic, political, technological, and competitive. Whereas the micro-environment concerns the organization, customers, suppliers, competitors intermediaries. Specifically, in addition to such organizational influences are numerous ethical, legal, and regulatory issues, aside from the suggestive realities and implications which fall in tow. This essay will outline the major problems that are faced by e-commerce companies, as well as provide the standard solutions which have been carried out in both B2B and B2C practice.

General speaking, privacy is the right to be left alone and the right to be free of unreasonable personal intrusions. (Turban et al, 2004). The internet could be used for gathering the personal information by asking an individual to complete a web site registration or by recording an individual's actions as they navigate the browser. Most e-commerce sites ask the consumers to fill out registration forms including some personal information, sometimes inquiring about consumer preferences. The purpose of the data collection can range from simple business uses such as improving customer service or for selling the information to like companies. In a 2000 poll conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 86% of the respondents said they were worried about online privacy (Turban et al, 2004).

Privacy Legislation – Many people feel that consumers profiling violates their...

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