Ethics & Religious Culture

Ethics & Religious Culture

Ethics & Religious Culture 502
Brandon Dettrick

C1: Discusses Ethical & Religious Issues.

Muslim woman sues Abercrombie

In this text, the woman was suing Abercrombie & Fitch because she got fired for refusing to remove her head scarf witch is part of her religion. The woman received death threats and was being discriminated. In the end, as said in the last paragraph of the text a federal class action discrimination suit brought by minority employees and job applications was settled for $40 million in 2004.
In my personal opinion i believe what the woman was doing was right and what Abercrombie was doing was wrong. Everyone has their different beliefs and different religions. But just because you believe in one god doesn't mean someone else can't believe in a different god. Discrimination towards the people with different beliefs has to stop. If you where in that woman's position what would you do? Would you defend your religion? Would you do the same thing the woman did?

Dutch ban Islamic, Jewish ritual slaughter

In this text, the conflict is between the Dutch Parliament and the Jewish and Islamic religions. The Dutch Parliament claims that it is cruel to the animal to slaughter them without stunning them. There is no solution to solve this conflict at the moment, it is now a waiting game. In my personal opinion i believe that yes it may be a cruel method of slaughter but it is also part of their religion, and in their religion they do not stun the animal. Scientist claim that not stunning the animal is a less painful death. It is part of their religion and people in this world need to learn to respect that. If you where Jewish or Islamic would you protect you religions way of life or would you give up and let people change your religion? Do you think that the Dutch Parliament has a good point and should continue to push, or should they give up?

What are Jews Saying About Gay Marriage in New York?

In this text, the conflict is...

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