Religious Paper

Religious Paper

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How your beliefs make up a religious belief system

I believe that Christianity is one true religion. I believe that no matter what race, gender, and denomination we all serve one God. Many people would disagree with me that is my personal opinion. I believe everything that I read in the Bible is credible. I know that it’s credible from personal experiences that I have been through in my life. I believe in the birth the execution and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus Christ will come back from the dead and all people will have to go before Him and be judged for our sins. God gives his people a chance to repent and be saved. I also believe that everyone should live according to the 10 Commandments even though we all don’t follow them according we must be mindful that those commandments play a very important role in each and everyone of our lives. My beliefs have taught me that same sex marriage is an abomination against God will and His word. I believe that God ordained marriage for a man and a woman not people of the same sex. I believe that homosexuality is a changeable behavior and people can be delivered from that gay or lesbian spirit. I believe that cults are not a religious group. The people who follow cults are brainwashed by their leaders. The members are known to commit violent acts under the order of their leaders. Religion transcends the narrow boundaries established by beliefs, and transforms our ways of thinking about the world (Publishers Weekly, 2008).

How you acquired your religious belief system
I acquired my Religious belief system through my family. Mother introduced me to God as a young child. I was saved and baptize at the age of 10 at a Baptist church in New Orleans, La. I have been a faithful believer and follower of Jesus Christ even as a child. I came from a family of preachers and ordained ministers who taught me the teachings and the word of God. I continue to follow these teachings today and I also...

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