Ever After

Ever After

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Danielle is young woman with ideas because she is different to girls her age. She shows this in the way she acts and approaches others. Her independence, courage and over all willingness to take on the world to prove her point separates her from the rest. One of the biggest influences is her father Auguste De Babarac, he encouraged in what she did and didn’t care what others thought. He would give his daughter books, and the last book he gave her was Utopia. Utopia meaning paradise is another big influence on Danielle’s life and gave her modern ideas. Her modern ideas are based on this book and encourage her to take action. The book also separates her from the rest of the girls her age because they didn’t read as Danielle would.

Danielle believes that that every person has the right of freedom. This is evident when she dresses as a noblewoman and arrives at the court to buy Maurice back. She also believes that men and women are equal. Both are courageous and independent. Danielle values the land and believes that it should be respected. A time when she showed her love of the land was when she said ‘A country’s character is defined by its everyday ‘rustics’ as you call them. They are the legs that you stand on and they deserve respect.’ She said this to Prince Henry. One of Danielle’s strongest beliefs is that every person deserves an education. Danielle believes that people should not stereotype others because they deserve respect and should be treated with dignity. She believes that all people deserve rights but the servants should be treated with dignity and not as slaves. Danielle shows great passion with her modern ideas.

Danielle not only puts her modern ideas into action but she also encourages others to believe in her modern ideas. A time when she demonstrates her belief that people shouldn’t be sold like cattle was when she dressed as a noblewoman to free Maurice, after releasing him Danielle manages to meet the Prince and lecture him on freedom,...

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