Example of a Master Script

Example of a Master Script

Obsessions Master Script

The track Obsessions by Marina and the Diamonds
-00:30 to 00:46 (fade)-

Elinor: Obsessions. Everyone has one to a certain extent. In this programme you will hear various opinions on the subject of “teenage obsessions”... Why are teenagers more liable to become obsessed with something and are teenagers more commonly associated with being obsessed?

… Typically an obsession is a thought that continually preoccupies a persons mind and to a certain extent distracts them from handling or coping well in everyday life... this can include socialising, working efficiently and processing normal thoughts and information.
Although an obsession can often associated with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and therefore can be linked to a negative outlook on an obsession, a person with OCD finds their obsession a way to control anxiety and control their everyday life. It can be linked to more deep seated problems Autism and Aspergers. This programme focuses on the non-clinical obsession and how it could potentially be the reverse of OCD.
This heads to the question, can an obsession be unhealthy?

Vox Pop question: Do you consider an obsession to be unhealthy?

Elinor: In some studies, the catalyst for a healthy or unhealthy obsession is personality. Some people smoke, drink and eat too much for others it's too little. For teenagers, the ability to hinder overindulgence is a harder task.... this could be due to hormone imbalances, physical changes to the individuals body, immaturity and lack of self-esteem. These factors can all contribute to the more publicized obsessions for example loosing and gaining weight, self-harm and drugs.
But where in a teenagers life could an obsession start? At what age could they begin to become obsessed?

Vox-Pop question: At what age do you think an obsession start?

Elinor: It appears in early adolescent years, where the individual is prone to suggestion is when an obsession...

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