Example of a Reflective Log.

Example of a Reflective Log.

What was covered in session:

The session started with a recap and workshop on the content of day one and reviewed the homework that had been set.This helped to refresh our memories and pick up on important points that had been forgotten. We then talked about structure of qualifications and the differences betweeen RVQ/NVQ etc. This gave us an insight into the procedures that are taken so that a course or qualification can approved and be delivered to the public.After this we had a go at doing our own "Scheme of Work" which involved us picking our own course i.e "basics of boxing" and writing a brief outline of course content etc.We concluded with a questionnaire and role play session on the theory of learning and learning styles. I found this intresting as you found out more about yourself and what type of styles you and others respond to best.

The LLUK criteria it relates to:

Identify key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice.
1.2 (a) (b)

Identify and demonstrate relevant approaches to teaching and learning in relation to specialist area.
2.1 (e) (g)

My personal response to material was:

That the information given was again relevant and helpful in the context of the course.It was very intresting for me to find out about the structure of qualifications and the process that needs to be followed to approve and deliver a course or qualification.Many different teaching/learning styles were used on day 2 which kept everyone involved in the session. It was good to get ivolved in some role play as usually i would avoid it but in fact it was a positive experience.

How can i use this information in my own practice:

I will use this information in my own practice as eventually i would like to become my own training provider so the structure of qualifications will help me greatly in seeking the correct routes to take and guidelines to follow.Also i will use my knowledge of learning styles to easily...

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