Exp 105 personal demisions of education

Exp 105 personal demisions of education

C. Describe the degree to which the Week Five assignment description is asking that each Learning Pattern be used to effectively complete it.
(Critically review the Final Reflection assignment in Week Five and decode it. If a Learning Pattern is not needed in a specific area, explain why.)

D. List potential strategies and explain how you will use them to Forge, Intensify, or Tether (FIT) your Learning Patterns so you can complete the Week Five assignment efficiently and effectively.
(You may need to use strategies in just one area, or in several. If strategies are not needed in a specific area, explain why.)
EXP 105: Week 4
Personal Strategy Card
Name Robin Phoenix-Moore:

A. LCI Scores

Sequence Precision Technical
Reasoning Confluence
Record your LCI scores in the boxes provided. 25 25 23 22

B. Carefully describe the degree to which you use each of your Learning Patterns.
(Refer to the Personal Learning Profile you developed for your Week Two assignment and any feedback provided by your instructor to determine if you need to refine your responses as you complete this section.)

Sequence: I use sequence as first because I tend to want to have my day plan out. I want to know exactly what is on my schedule so I won’t overbook myself. I am not perfect but I just think it is a headache when you don’t have things in order.

Precision: This is also a first because I rather have things explained to me what is expected of me. I don’t care for when I start an assignment and the instructions were not given at all or incorrectly. That makes me have to retrace my steps or start all over.

Technical Reasoning: This one was use as on needed bases. I am not too sure on why I scored so high because I really dislike taking things apart. If I have to and it is part of an assignment, I guess I won’t have any issue as all. I guess when I was little I was s curios to what things were that I would take it apart.

Confluence: I am somewhat of...

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