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Eunicia Allison Allison 1
Professor Corey Hall
English 102 R
02 October, 2013
Motivation: I think this is one of my life experiences that I do not mind sharing because we as parents must realize that the best interest of a child is to have both parents in his or her life.

Audience: It takes a village to raise a child, and as a society we should respect the parental rights of the natural mother and father to choose what is best for their offspring.

Life is about making choices, but some of them can even change our life. On January 7, 2000, I had a beautiful bouncing baby boy named Deric Newman. I must admit, he was a big surprise. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant at the age of 21. It’s not a really young age to have a baby, but I wasn’t ready for the responsibility. Plus, I wasn’t married. I was scared and afraid that I wouldn’t be a good mother of this child. My family talked me into having my son. They said I'd be a good mother, and I’d have their support. I was still scared and not ready, but I decided to proceed with the pregnancy.
When I had my child, I was young and inexperienced. Things got very difficult. Some days were hard, and others days were okay. I still couldn’t get it through my head that I was a mother. I felt very overwhelmed the first few months. Things got a little easier, as time went on. My son was about eight years old, when I started going through some things in my life. I wasn’t very stable as I wanted to be. I decided to let my son live with his father, until I got things together.
My family didn’t understand why I let my son go live with his father. I told them, I thought it would be best for right now it was only temporary. I felt real bad that I had to let him go stay with his father, but I had to get it together, so I could take care of my son. Time has passed, and my son is still living with his father. I still get grief from my family sometimes, but like me they have noticed a change in my...

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