Experimental Lab

Experimental Lab

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The Effect of 1

The Effects of Peg Word Method on Memory Recall
Aubrey Lou Maldonado
Hazel Ann Manalansan
Gracy Anne Lou Manapat
Bianca Hannah Maranan
Marceline Murillo
Christine Guianne Ramos
University of Santo Tomas

The Effect of 2

The purpose of the study is to identify if the use of mnemonics would enhance memory and and if it would help in the process of recalling words. Between-groups design will be the experimental design to be used, wherein 30 psychology students, with ages ranging from 17-21 years old, will participate. They will be divided into three groups with different tasks on memorization and recall, wherein the two other groups will use a different mnemonic method each. It is expected that the experimental group, which is the peg group and the loci group will perform better compared to the controlled group.

The Effect of 3

Humans are capable of retaining and recalling information coming from a stimulus, like the environment and the people a person would interact with. The information obtained is then temporarily stored in the short-term memory before being transferred to the long-term memory, but there are instances wherein the information is not transferred to the long-term memory due to some factors that could affect the transfer of memory due to different factors such as distractions coming from the environment and limited capacity and duration. These factors often would make the person forget the information obtained. People, therefore, use different techniques in enhancing their memory and one of which is the use of mnemonics, which, according to Higbee (as cited by Richmond, Cummings & Klapp, 2008) are memory aids that assist one in remembering specific information by using a process, strategy, or technique that enables a person to improve memory.
Memory, as defined by Sternberg (2006), is the means by which we actively prove limited amount of...

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