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Extra Credit

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Thoughts on Microsoft Windows 8

While looking up information on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, I noticed several new changes in the user interface. The most immediately noticeable change would be the elimination of the systems Start menu. Instead, Microsoft has opted to utilize an interface they are calling Metro which seems to be geared more towards users with touch screen capabilities but will still accommodate those who still prefer a good old mouse and keyboard combination, namely myself. Programs and applications are organized into tiles that canvas a good portion of the desktop, but can be navigated through by a simple swipe of the fingers or by pressing alt+tab on your keyboard. Users with touch screen systems such as tablet computers or newer model desktops will be able to swipe their fingers left or right across the screen to switch between different devices, applications, or programs. Internet browsing will be done with a preview version of Internet Explorer 10. There have been some reports of some Windows controls appearing too small on some devices causing difficulties in utilization, but as with any new type of system there will always be a few problems or shortcomings. No operating system is perfect and I’m sure Microsoft will address these issues before the systems official release next year. The new interface does bring a fresh feel and look but will definitely take some getting used to. Nonetheless, this interesting concept is sure to appeal to people of all levels of computer literacy.

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