Faced with Man-Made Catastrophe

Faced with Man-Made Catastrophe

We are faced with a man-made catastrophe that could end human existence. We are responsible and we can do something about it.
Global Warming is currently one of the worlds most pressing issues yet it is at the bottom of most to do lists. People are focusing on the here and now, saying Global Warming won’t affect us in our lifetime so why should we do something about it? Or worse, they stick their heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening.

Why should our descendants have to pay the price for our actions and inactions? How is that fair? We do not want to be the ones held responsible for the entire extinction of humans, therefore we need to realise that Global Warming is real, it is happening and we need to take action. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that a) global warming is happening and b) global warming has been entirely caused by humans.

Recent years are showing an increase in temperatures. As you can see the warmest years of all time are after 1990. When co2 emissions are pumped into the atmosphere a blanket around the earth is formed. When sunlight beams down to earth to give us light and warmth the heat energy can’t escape thus cooking up our world like a cake in the oven. Global warming is happening because the inhabitants of our earth are pumping out co2

at such a scale and at such a speed our world can’t cope and the co2 blanket is getting thicker and thicker. On our screen here we have the Grinnell Glacier in Montana, USA. This 10,000-year-old glacier is one of 50 in a national park, beautiful isn’t it? Too bad scientists believe that all 50 will be gone by 2030. Why should we take responsibility for global warming, is a question that many a world leader and many of you have muttered.

The answer is simple. We should take responsibility for Global Warming because we are the ones who have fuelled its development. We need to take a stand and put a stop to this man-made natural disaster. Imagine you are your great...

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