Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice

Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice

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Within the essay I intend to explore the concepts of learning and assessment in my work

place. Gray (2000) states that good mentors influence realistic expectations of the menti to

show genuine interest in learning. Upon completion of my studies in Diploma in Nursing, I

joined one of the well established private hospital which is located in centre of town in Kuala

Lumpur.I was assigned to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) as registered nurse one. There

are six beds in the unit whereby patients who are critically ill without ventilator support

nursed there. It is an advantage of being a multidisciplinary unit nurse where I able to gain

more knowledge and sharpen my clinical skills.

Mentoring and supervisions plays an important role with my job description. As mentoring

refers to the concept and practice that facilitates learning in an organization. By teaching a

menti through simulation basic skills of basic nursing procedures helps me as a mentor to

improve and evaluates my clinical skills and understanding of the job tasks. According to

Allen (2002), Process that able to explore the abilities of a newcomer with the concept of

mentoring. In HDU,mentoring incorporates support,guidance,socialization,education and

career progression, empowerment ,well-being which creates a supportive environment in

which nurses shows consistent interest in work. Van Eps et al.(2006) states that mentoring

able to evaluate students and improve the value of practice to develop competency level.

I have choose Staff Nurse Jas (This is a pseudonym),as my menti.Jas completed her

studies in Diploma in Nursing and joined HDU with no working experience. ( See appendix 1

) .Jas has been in HDU for three months. As a fresh graduate she was unable to cope with

the challenging work tasks. Massarweh(1999) states that, equates the clinical settings are

important as it impacts the teaching and learning process where both mentor and...

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