Faith and Religion

Faith and Religion

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Norma Sorell
Module 1
Margaret Sofianos
Faith and Reason
Sadly our current society has a common belief that faith and reason are the opposite of each other. Several people counting Christians don't recognize the authentic of biblical faith. The majority of people consider faith is merely blind faith of believing lacking reasoning. There are a number of intellectuals thinking in the same way and think that faith and reason are conflicting and that reason is greater inferior to faith. Moreover because of such a meaning they dislike faith and welcome the reasoning practice. In the Christian understanding of reality, these views if correctly comprehended are in complete agreement and in time
Christian theology is trying to make known of that harmony. There is a belief that spiritual beliefs or faith can only be views and theories about all of the unknown and unknowledgeable. There are several religions with not the same beliefs and practices that appear to show that religious views are not exposed to rational argument and survey. Reason and Christian belief are not conflicting nor are they equally undivided, in its place the two are always together.

Reason discloses truths about the life and about creatures with the assistance of Christian faith though that could not ever have been achieved by reason alone. Instead, Christian faith has to have reason for sharing its beliefs obviously and to prepare those beliefs in a more structured form. As theology is the sensible or balanced study of the heavenly it continues on the controlled and difficult use of reason as a theoretical order. Theology persists on the rational examination of all existence involving the transcendent. Transcendent is not opened through reason completely only out of faith and open to transcendent throughout faith is realistic.

According to the Bible, faith is, "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Heb 11:1). Faith does not use...

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