Fast Food.or Fats Food?!

Fast Food.or Fats Food?!

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Fast Food

Fast food is yet to become our traditions, our culture. Fast food is becoming the most expanding food type on the planet earth and it still hasn’t stopped seducing us into eating them.

Fast food is named after what it is, fast food is meat and vegetables all put in cooking oil, as it takes 3-5 minutes to get one so they named it fast food. You can eat it anywhere in your car, on your desk, at your job which makes a perfect recipe for hectic lives kind of people.

Fast food or should you flip the word for fats food, fast food is the most generous foods in fat and calories which makes very unhealthy and as statistics show eating fast food for a long while or regularly will certainly make you FAT, or in another word more specific Out Of shape, the most recent study made with a professional athlete, they made the athlete who’s in great shape eat Macdonald which is Grade A++ fast food for a whole month day and night, after the experiment he became extremely out of shape which made people think twice again before eating Macdonald’s or fast food and if you didn’t know I hope this makes you think twice from now on.

Even though fast food is very fast to cook and easily can be eaten anywhere, it will remain the most unhealthy food human has created and staying away from it will certainly make you live longer.

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