Films by Michael Moore

Films by Michael Moore

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In every time period, there are people who truly want to make the lives of the nation and the world better. These people make enormous contributions to the world and remain in history books forever. If one makes a research on lives of these brilliant men and women, one can notice a certain pattern. The pattern is that such people are often misunderstood, ignored, and negatively criticized during their lifetime and rewarded only after their death. The world is often not ready for a hero they need.

In my opinion, Michael Moore is one who has not been properly rewarded for their work. He truly cares about the American people and courageously fights for their rights. His main tool in expressing his opinion is filming documentaries. In his latest documentary movie "Sicko", he once again uncovers the truth and leaves every viewer astonished about the American health care system.

Michael Moore skillfully films many interviews with Americans whose lives became a nightmare because of the present health care system. These real interviews with real people and their real lives make the audience care for the people and inspire them to make changes. The first character of the movie is Rick. Moore narrates that Rick has sawed off the tops of two of his fingers. He is American and he doesn't have health insurance, one of almost 47 million people in that category. Reattaching the middle finger would cost $60,000, and the ring finger $12,000. Being a romantic and trying to save $48,000, Rick chooses the ring finger. That's how the movie starts.

Then, former health-industry employees take turns in front of Moore's camera. An ex-call-center operator recalls her experience of turning sick people away on a daily basis. The long list of reject ailments is then shown by Moore's camera in alphabetical order, accompanied by ``Star Wars'' theme music. A medical reviewer recounts how she denied one patient a $500,000 operation and caused his death. She was not punished for the...

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