Name: Brannon little Introduction to Psychology
Final Exam
50 pts
1 )Define cognition and intelligence. Explain how these concepts are related. Offer an in-depth “ compare / contrast ” of the following terms: 1) prodigy; 2) savant syndrome (be sure that you include both similarities and differences in your answer).

- Cognition -is the process by which the sensory input is transformed, reduced, elaborated, stored, recovered, and used.
- Intelligence - is general cognitive problem-solving skills.
Compare & Contrast: Prodigy & savant syndrome

Savant syndrome is a rare, but extraordinary, condition in which persons with serious mental disabilities, including autistic disorder, have some ‘island of genius’ which stands in marked, incongruous contrast to overall handicap

2 ) Define mood disorders. Provide an in-depth discussion of 3 mood disorders. Your discussion should include symptoms as well as definitions.

-Mood disorder- a psychological disorder characterized by the elevation or lowering of a person's mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder.

• Psychotic major depression (PMD), or simply psychotic depression, is the term for a major depressive episode, in particular of melancholic nature, wherein the patient experiences psychotic symptoms such as delusions or, less commonly,hallucinations . These are most commonly mood-congruent (content coincident with depressive themes).

• Bipolar disorder (BD), an unstable emotional condition characterized by cycles of abnormal, persistent high mood and depression , which was formerly known as "manic depression" (and in some cases rapid cycling, mixed states, and psycotic symptoms)

• Double depression can be defined as a fairly depressed mood that lasts for at least two years and is punctuated by periods of major depression

3 ) What is personality? Explain, with detail, the 2 approaches and the 5 strategies of studying personality.

-Personality -the...

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