Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

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ACCT 3309

Pasewark Financial Statement Analysis Paper
(Name of group members and company due)

Students will work on the project in groups of 4 students. Each group should select a public company based in the U.S. that files with the SEC. Each group must turn in a list of the students and the public company selected by September 4th. No two groups may work on the same company. Companies are selected on first-come-first-served basis.

Skim through the project before getting started to get a general idea of the scope of the project. Follow the instructions in the project to answer the questions for each section of the project.
Students should prepare the following items for the most current year in a paper format using a word processor and excel. Students must turn in the items in the order listed below, printed and stapled. Copies of the text pages with handwritten responses will not be accepted. Please do not turn in notebooks or folders or other report covers. Please be sure to include all of your group members’ names on the first page of your project.

Turn In:

1. Company’s Financial Statements
A copy of the company’s current financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Owner’s Equity, and Cash Flow Statement). You do not need to copy the notes to the financial statements or the management’s discussion and analysis.

2. Answer the questions or provide the required information for each section in a paper format. Clearly label each section of your paper as follows:
General Information
Internet Information
Financial Statements
Income Statement (including common-sized analysis)
Balance Sheet (including common-sized analysis)
Cash Flow Statement
Statement of Owner’s Equity
Notes to the Financial Statements
Interim (Quarterly) Reporting
Report of the Independent Accountants (Auditors)
Ratio Analysis
Industry or Competitor...

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