First Person Speech from the Stages of the Cross

First Person Speech from the Stages of the Cross

RELIGION SPEECH -- first person view of someone from the audience

As I walked to fetch my husbands a new tunic I saw a gigantic crowd. I walked over to a man named Yusuf and asked him what all the fuss was about. Yusuf responded by saying they are killing the savior in cold blood, the only man had known of that was being executed was that fool Jesus and he certainly wasn’t the savior he said that he was the son of god and that all should be forgiven easy to say when he hung around with prostitutes and tax collectors, murderers, gentiles the whole lot and the worst part is his mother stood by him at all times. As I walked closer to the palace of Pontius Pilate I saw a man being tortured by guards, I figured it must have been Jesus.

I watched as they gave the man a large wooden + shape and made him carry it by himself, Pontius was telling us all that this man was to be set free, but nobody would have any of that all that he did was blasphemy and that is punished by death so he had no choice but to crucify him. I saw as he tripped over the stony roads and felt sorry for him but then I remember who he was and my feelings of remorse were forgotten.

We walked quite a long way when he couldn’t carry it any longer so the guards had pulled out a man that was named Simon the poor man had to carry the fools cross. As I watched the fool get punished I then remembered my husband and what would happen to me if I didn’t get back in time

After purchasing my husband his new tunic I called my sons Ajir and Amir to come and see the fool get crucified as we watched most crucifixions together, we walked along the dirt road until we had reached the crowed again.

I hadn’t missed much as Simon and Jesus still carried the cross I ran into a man who had believed in the fool and explained what had happened and how a man so called Judas had betrayed for money and how he had killed himself and how Jesus had made miracles like letting a blind man see and turning water into...

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