Fote Has Developed HX Impact Stone Crusher Machine

Fote Has Developed HX Impact Stone Crusher Machine

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Impact crusher is also called stone impact crusher and impact crusher machine, which is a new type of highly efficient crushing machine with such features of small size, simple construction, big crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity, even product granularity and selective ore crushing. So it is a promising crusher machine. It can be divided large and small impact crusher. And Fote Has Developed HX Impact Stone Crusher Machine.

HX Impact Stone Crusher can effectively deal with large moisture content of materials, prevent the crusher jam phenomenon, when the moisture content of material is too large, the counterattack crusher feed chute and back panels can be equipped with heating device, to prevent the adhesive of the material.Counterattack crusher not equipped with the bottom sieve plate which can effectively prevent blocking phenomenon.And hammer crusher cannot adopt heating mode to prevent cement materials, and shall be equipped with the bottom of the screen plate, increasing the likelihood of congestion.

Impact Crusher

HX Impact Stone Crusher is suitable for soft material and is suitable for the materials hardness is very bigCounterattack crusher plate hammer adopts the mechanical clamping structure is due to the rotor firmly, when with the rotor rotation with a lot of moment of inertia.Relative to the hammer crusher (hammer head went into a state of suspension), counterattack crusher rotor has more momentum, and adapt to broken the harder material, at the same time, low energy consumption.

HX Impact Stone Crusher can adjust the discharging granularity convenient and flexible, the adjusting range is extensiveCounterattack crusher can adjust the discharging granularity in a number of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the back plate and grinding chamber clearance, etc.Clearance adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, adopt hydraulic regulating system can easily through the on-site operation...

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