Usage and maintenance of Fote vertical shaft impact crusher

Usage and maintenance of Fote vertical shaft impact crusher

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Fote vertical shaft impact crusher is totally different from the common hammer crusher, cone crusher and roller crusher in structure and working principle. And it is also quite different from the ball mill. In a word, it is a new kind of impact crusher which adopts the advantages of impact crusher and hammer crusher.

Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely applied to the fine crushing of metal and nonmetallic ore, cement, fireproof materials, bauxite, construction materials and artificial sand. And it has particularly good performance in crushing hard and super hard materials.

And for vertical shaft impact crusher, the maintenance work is also very important.

1. The user had better open the watching door and inspect the abrasion inside the crusher regularly. But it is prohibited to open the watching door when the machine is working. Besides, if there is any abrasion on the impeller and other spare parts, the user has to replace them in time.

2. The tensioning force of the triangle transmission belt should be adjusted appropriately. When the double motors are driving, the triangle belts on the two sides should carry out the group selection to make the length of each group consistent as far as possible. This can guarantee the high efficiency of sand making machineequipment.

3. After the sand making machine works for 400 hours, the user has to add moderate lubrication grease. And the user has to replace a new bearing after the machine works for 7200 hours.

4. During the process of operation, the operating staff should pay special attention to the safety because vertical shaft impact crusher belongs to high-speed operating equipment.

After reading the above knowledge about vertical shaft impact crusher, if you have other questions about it, please contact us without hesitation.

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