Foundation: Higher Education and Adult Learning

Foundation: Higher Education and Adult Learning

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Career Exploration Interview

Jeraldine Clark

EDUC 8100-5
Foundation: Higher Education and Adult Learning

Walden University

February 14, 2010

Dr. Tom Miskelly is best known as an analytical chemist, geologist, and physicist. He also developed a classification of rocks that students and colleagues found interesting. He was at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, where he was a geology student who studied science in its many forms. He immediately became interested in the global change of the earth and the process in which shapes it. Dr. Miskelly stated that geology is a fascinating field because the materials that make up the Earth are so complex that no one is sure how it was formed. His main source of interest in studying the Earth is the studying the different physical properties between various types of rocks, what the composition of the rocks are and how the rocks become located in their position. Dr. Miskelly always had a strong interest for science, but he stated that the formation of rocks was one of his interests. His chose geology as a career because of scientific discipline, in chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography, engineering, hydrology, environmental studies, paleontology, biology, and mineralogy. These areas help him to learn more about the earth and the ways in which it can be utilized. Dr. Miskelly career choice is very different than my career although I am interested in science, talking with him I find that I know very little about science. I teach science as a learning opportunity and how students can use their mind and ideas to discover. Dr. Miskelly gets to do research to find out a theory to help in the future. How can geology provide an understanding of global change for teachers? What is the future outcome of a geologist? Rock geology relies heavily on field work; various practices are conducted to identify rocks and their structures. It was stated to Dr. Miskelly, how does he...

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