The Cost of Absence of Basic Education in Higher Learning

The Cost of Absence of Basic Education in Higher Learning

The Cost of Absence of Basic Education in Higher Learning

Balaji Madiq


The Objective of this paper is to highlight, the impact on the society and nation, due to the absence of elements of basic education in higher education in its present form. The paper is divided in to four sections, namely Introduction, Objective of education, Understanding Basic education and higher education and The Cost. The Introduction section outlines the objective and structure of the paper. The section on objective of education is an endeavor to understand the objective of education and access the situation of education in the India. Understanding Basic education and Higher education, this section highlights the objective, characteristics and the nature of the respective education. The fourth section goes in to the analysis of the cost the society pays for the following an education system which is not well suited with the needs society.

Objective of Education

This section rolls out the objective of the education and tries to find out whether the country was able to achieve by looking the available data.

Knowledge is required in order to resolve doubts and take meaningful actions. To lead a good life one requires a skill, which capacitates the student’s talent to transform the raw material in to useful goods. Gaining integral knowledge and seek emancipation has been a constant endeavor of education in Indian culture. Education is also perceived as a bridge between the past, present, and the future and as a means by which the best of the idea, heritage, values and experience is transmitted to the new generation for its further progression. Education is also to promote equality and social justice, peace and sustainable development for the society. It also has to provide the right kind of work ethos, professional expertise and leadership in all walks of life. But a look at this figures do not suggest that we have been able to achieve part of the above...

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