Frama T. Willis

Frama T. Willis

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Frama T. Willis
November 09,2009

Frama T. Willis

I Frama T. Willis was born in Houston, Ms September 02,1977. I spent the first

fourteen years of my life in Houston, Ms with my mother who is deceased. I moved to

Eupora, Ms to stay with my grandmother for the last four years of High School. Later on

I graduated from Eupora High School in May 26,1996 and from there I entered Mary

Holmes College, in West Point, Ms to continue my education, but I did not finish. After

going to college I got married in the same year I graduated from High School. I had a son

who is ten and a daughter who is eight by my ex-husband. Later on through the years I

remarried in 2003 and I had a daughter who is now six years old. I been married now to

my husband for five years. I went to Holmes Community College and got my Certified

Nursing Assistant License (CNA) I been certified now for four years working part-time

at Starkville Manor Nursing Home so I can further my education. In all, I love being a

Nurse Assistant, because I love helping and taking care of the elderly. I always wanted to

work in the Health Care field, because I use to help take care of my grandmother who is

still living. I am a very loving, passion and dependable person who loves to accomplish

and strive for the best in life so I can have and good future for my family.

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