From Afghanistan

From Afghanistan

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is very big 7 children and another one on the way there is also my parents, 4 boys and 3 girls which includes me, Esme. I am from Afghanistan unfortunately my brothers and my dad could not come because their wasn’t enough money. My little sister Vanessa is very upset because she was the closest to my dad. We told her that our dad and our brothers were coming on a different ship which comes about a week later than ours, you know just to cheer her up.

We are boarding the ship and my mum is getting pushed more than anyone else and she is pregnant. My older sister Ashmere has a phobia of deep water also known as hydrophobia. So she is definitely not looking forward to going on this ship. We try find a spot that we can all fit together there isn’t much though but we manage to find one near the edge which isn’t good for my sister Ashmere but it’s the only one we can get. We help my mum down because she is having troubles. We give our mum some water, I’m pretty sure she needs some. I know the baby’s coming soon because my mother is very fat. Hopefully my mum has the baby when we get to Australia then it will be a true Australian, the problem is I don’t know what Australians are like are they nice? are they mean? I don’t know. Also we have absolutely no idea what type of gender it is I hope it’s a girl so then we can have equal girls and boys.

We hear a loud bang everyone screams thinking it was
you know a bomb or something but it was the motor starting. We calm back down and finally ness (Vanessa) goes to sleep. Its been about two hours and we are so bored we try and amuse ourselves with a game of I spy but its not that fun but we keep playing. My mum goes off finding some grown ups to talk to and make some friends. My sister Ashmere stays here with ness while I go off trying to meet some friends too.

Its been a while and know one wants to talk and most of the kids my age or younger are asleep, but I cant sleep I’m so excited about going to a new country why...

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