Funny Myhs

Funny Myhs

Many years ago the earth used to keep falling down in the universe. Then one day god sent 2 large snakes to hold the earth from

the bottom and one eagle to hold it from the top. When the snakes are tired they move, and that causes earthquakes. The eagle on the

other hand never moves he is always in the same spot. When he gets tired ,he stretches his wings a little, and this causes the winds.

And when there is an eliscpe it is because the great eagle covers the earth with its wings.

Then one day the snakes got into an argument. There argument was about who was stronger and faster. The first snake said he

was the fastest and the strongest but the second snake disagreed. So they said whoever can spin the earth around as many times

on their backs will win. So the two snakes went around and around spinning the earth as they went. The great eagle who was

watching this told them to stop but they didn’t listen so the eagle tried to blow them away with his wings. So he blew away the two

snakes but by accident the winds hit the earth and it started to spin out of cotrolle and it wouldn’t stop. That’s why the earth spins

today. Also there are many other therious about how the earth spins well you guessed it, its the science way. As myths are fun to learn and listen to you must always remember the real reason why the earth spins and that's because of gravity our great moon.

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