Future Outlook of Indian Telecom

Future Outlook of Indian Telecom

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1. Title
Strategic analysis of 3G technology in context with a future outlook of telecom industry in india

2. Aim
This study aims to investigate the implementation of 3g technology in india with a view to identifying the difficulties, challenges and prospects that lie ahead.

3. Abstract
In most of the developing countries, mobile penetration is strongly connected with
economic growth and social benefits. India, a developing country in South Asia with a population of over one billion people, has low telephony penetration of just 18 percent of the population, but has now become one of the high volume, high growth telecommunication services market in the world. Today the Indian telecommunications network with over 375 Million subscribers is second largest network in the world after China. India is also the fastest growing telecom market in the world with an addition of 9- 10 million monthly subscribers. The tele-density of the Country has increased from 18% in 2006 to 33% in December 2008, showing a stupendous annual growth of about 50%, one of the highest in any sector of the Indian Economy. The economic policy of ’liberalization’ has resulted in many multinationals to invest in the Indian technology market. However, in the effort to promote these information technologies and the infrastructure necessary for their effective functioning, developing countries like India have crossed the social and cultural consequences, besides the neglect of other priority sectors like education, employment generation, poverty alleviation, health and medical care, etc. The hope is that the new policy will stimulate industrial and economic growth. This paper takes a look at Indian government policy on telecommunications and the implementation of 3G technology, with eye on the requirement of spectrum management & establishment of new infrastructure.

4. Introduction

3G, short for "Third Generation Wireless," is the next generation high-speed mobile system based on GSM....

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