Telecom Future

Telecom Future

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The future of Telecom – where are we headed next?
June 25, 2009 · 3 comments

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Former CTO of AT&T speaks out to visionary leaders about the future of telecoms.

The future of Telecom – where are we headed next? That question has been asked by many. Where is the telecommunication market headed over the next decade? The subject was highlighted last week by visionary technology leader Dr Hossein Eslambolchi, Chairman & CEO of 2020 Ventures, who addressed over 50 telecom heads last week in California at the industry leading Next Generation Telecom Summit.

The former CTO of AT&T is well-known throughout the technology world for his bold and futurist ideas. His strategies and implementations during his time at AT&T undoubtedly changed the way the company operate, and by doing this, strategically transformed the future of the network. As the keynote speaker at the summit, his technical presentation focused on the future trends in services and applications that will be implemented over the next decade.

Eslambolchi’s insight into his futuristic world of communication sparked the tone for the rest of the week amongst the industry figureheads. A brutally honest debate lead by Courtney Munroe from IDC, touched on the concept of the ‘consumer’, their needs and what they are willing to pay for. Heated discussions and opposing views occurred between Neil Cox, Qwest, Ibrahim Gedeon from Telus, Christian Jorg from The Island Def Jam and Miriam Holzman from FOX mobile, on sharing out revenues created by content between telecom and media companies. It is not surprising that this debate will continue for some considerable time.

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