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Mandatory School Uniforms

Mandatory school uniforms make schools not only a better place, but a better learning environment. Uniforms give a sense of belonging and can prevent dress code violations with the additional benefit of cost effectiveness. Concerns with theft and assault are alleviated by reduced fashion competition.

Some students feel they must have expensive designer clothes to “fit in” and be “cool”. Uniforms allow everyone to wear the same thing and help kids conform with school defined boundaries. Not only do uniforms help kids fit in but they also allow students to concentrate on their school work rather than compete for fashion.

Designer clothing is very expensive. A pair of jeans, for example, can cost $70 to over a hundred dollars, compared with the purchase of 3 sets of school uniforms costing no more than $70 dollars. This $70 dollars includes 3 dress shirts and 3 pairs of pants which is equivalent to ONE pair of designer jeans. Some states provide state funding for uniforms further reducing the cost.

On a more serious note, news reports reveal where schools have reported problems with gang colors and dress codes. Kids are beat up because they are wearing a certain color that represents a gang affiliation. Also, instances have been reported of kids being robbed of their expensive clothing. I believe that uniforms prevent these gang color problems, thefts of clothing and inappropriate dress violations.

In conclusion, school uniforms are cost effective and prevent many issues in school that both students and parents deal with. I strongly believe that school uniforms help kids feel more accepted by their peers reducing stressful social issues for both parents and students.

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