Why the Gas Prices Are so High

Why the Gas Prices Are so High

Gas Prices

Dear: Editor

Gas prices are not really that cheap as we all know. A lot of us want to know why the gas prices are so high. Well I think I know the reason why they are so outragously high.

I have many different resources on this particular subject like the internet, magazines, and news papers. One of my resources has filled me in on whats happening with our fuel inventories. Fuel inventories have been down 60 million barrels since July. Although they are low, some energy analysts suspect them to restock this year. Fuel companies usually try to reduce their inventories near the end of the year. This is the main reason why our gas prices are so high.

When the gas prices go up people start to worry about how much groceries are going to cost them. I here people all the time talking about how much a certain product cost like milk and other items. Although I am not old enough to drive, others in my family are, and they are very concerned with the prices of gasoline and the effects it will have on the cost of traveling to work.

Our society was built on cheap energy. We don't have little lifestyles anymore where we can live and work in the same little village. We're seeing growth in production in places like the Rocky Mountains and even right here in Kentucky, but the it's only been two years ago that oil producers raised up their long-term price from $20 a barrel to $40 a barrel. It took 25 years to get in this predictment. How many years will it take to get us out.

It just doesn't seem fair. The prices around the country aren't spread evenly. Retail gas prices averaged $3.33 a gallon in California and $3.13 in Washington state, according the latest federal survey, vs. $2.85 in Texas and $2.87 in Florida. Refining capacity is tighter on the West Coast, especially in California, which uses a different gasoline blend than the rest of the United States.
Who knows how we are going to put a stop to all this. We need to stop and...

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