Gattaca Essay

Gattaca Essay

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The film Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccols presents the society of Gattaca in a negative light. Genetic engineering has taken over the “not to distance future”. Vincent was born with genetic imperfections and because of this he was seen as an outsider. Because of the way technology has developed natural born people like Vincent are labelled ‘In-Valid”. Gattaca is a society that has been overwhelmed with perfection and instead of creating a utopia because of discrimination a dystopia is created instead.

Vincent was born a ‘god child’ when he was born he was told his possible life could include addictions, disease and other un desirable qualities. He also had a 99% chance of developing heart failure and a life expectancy of only 30. Vincent was born into a perfect society and because of this he was always looked down on, even his father thought he was unworthy of carrying his own name (Anton) so instead named him Vincent. It was difficult for Vincent as a child. a close up shot is used when the kindergarten gate is slammed in his face this shows the isolation from society. ‘We know had discrimination down to a science”. We see Vincent at Gattaca as he flashbacks to when he was an ‘In-valid’ there is a sad tone to the way it is shown. A close up of the height chart of Vincent and Anton show that his younger brother is taller than him. Vincent is angry but his brother Anton is happy and is appreciated by his farther. During his flashback there is mostly dark dull colours with not to much brightness shown. When he returns to his present day as Jerome a ‘valid’ the lighting as a bright orange tone and he is no longer looked down upon but known as one of the best. The use of lighting and colour show that when he was himself an ‘in-valid’ his life was worthless, dark and dull. “the best test score wasn’t going to matter unless you had the blood test to go with it“.

In order to achieve his goals Vincent must use a different identity. “For all my brave talk, I...

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