Gender Role Set by Society

Gender Role Set by Society

Monserrat Aguilar Period.1

In today's society there are gender roles that one as a member of this society are bond to follow.Gender roles have been around since a very long time, the frist gender roles were of the men who are suppose to be the head of the family and the workers and of the women who are suppose to the wonder wives and mothers. These gender roles slept the women and the men and its still doe’s today.Society has created these ridiculous gender roles that don't necessary accommodate with anyone's aspiration in life.

Not everyone will ageed with me about this. They might to tell you these gender roles are perfectly alright becuase a woman should stay that home with the kids and the man goes into the world to work and bring the money home. They will say that this is seen in many American and sometimes Mexican homes. That may be so but not every American
and/or Mexican home work by that strusure beause in many of those homes there are single mother or father that do both jobs and also there might be the oppsent where the woman goes out to work and the man stay at home to take care of the kids. They might also use the kids as ways to make this roles sound more important to follow.
Like saying that a child should grow up with the mother being kind and caring and the father being harder working and althaeas. Why? A woman can do the same thing run around with the kids and a man can be caring toward the kids as well. What a about those who only have one parent? That parent could be both things and those with gay parents Will also have the same joy and happiness as a child that has regular parents.

In today's society women have the role of being the housewife and loving mother. This role may be for some but not for all women, women want to go out and explore what options they have before going into that...

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