Germany Drives America to War

Germany Drives America to War

Germany drives America to War
The Fear of America's Neutrality over Belligerency

World War 1 was a significant part of our history as Americans, for the whole world especially it was a war that America had no reason to be in, but America joined into the bloodbath that would become, World War 1. throughout this paper you will see how hard it was for the Americans to stay neutral and how Germany was more afraid of the Americans staying out of the war then participating in it.

At the Beginning of the War, President Wilson felt very strongly about the decision that the war should be avoided. His belief was that is was very possible for the United States to stay neutral in a war that was 3000 miles away. The thought of sending US troops to fight in a European war was unnecessary.

The US Lusitania was soon sunk by a German U-Boat, which stirred up quite the ruckus among the Americans as the ship had 128 Americans, mostly women and children aboard. President Wilson gave a speech two days after the incident attempting to reassure Americans the importance of peace. President Wilson said in his speech and I quote

" Strength, is not only a measure of military might. It often takes a great deal of inner strength to be peaceful too. There is such a thing as a nation being so right that it does not need to convince other by force that it is right… There is such a thing as a man being to proud to fight". - Print copy of World War 1 ; Americas Wars

President Wilson gave a strong speech, but the reaction he received was mixed. Most Americans, such as people like former US President Theodore Roosevelt felt as if President Wilson was being cowardly, and according to Roosevelt

"The nation can no longer be proud when it is simply afraid. It is inconceivable that we should refrain from action. We owe it not only to humanity, but to our own self respect". - Print copy of World War 1 ; Americas Wars

President Wilson was still holding strong in his decisions,...

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