War conflicts in Latin America

War conflicts in Latin America

War Conflicts in Latin America

War Conflict


Countries Involved

Important Facts of the conflict
El Salvador Civil War
Never officially declared, estimated March 1980 - January 1992.
El Salvador (central and oriental zones)
The constant political crisis, the inequality and the violence of the capitalist government against the liberalist and socialist opposition deliberated in a terrible civil war conflict. The main combatants were Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN); led by Schafik Handal, Salvador Cayetano Carpio and Joaquín Villalobos, with the support of the poor sector, in the other side we had the Government of El Salvador. Soviets helped the insurrectionists and the North Americans supported the government. The conflict left 80,000 death (mainly civilians), 550,000 displaced inside the country and 500,000 refugees in other countries. The war officially ended when both parts signed the peace treaties of Chapultepec.
Guerra de la Triple Alianza (Triple Alliance War)
November 12th, 1864 - March 1st, 1870
Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.
It´s considered the bloodiest conflict in Latin-American history. The boundaries and tariff disputes between Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay caused this important conflict. Also the intromission of Brazil in the Uruguayan political life. Paraguay saw Brazil actions as a menace for sovereignty and immediately attacked Brazil with the greatest army Latin-America had ever seen. Argentina and Uruguay supported Brazil and created the Triple Alliance, defeating Paraguay, taking great part of its territory and killing great part of its population. Francisco Solano Lopez was the leader of Paraguay; Pedro II was the leader in Brazil and Venancio Flores in Uruguay. The war left 300,000 deaths in Paraguay) and 140,000 in the Triple Alliance (military and civilians in both sides).
Football War
July 14th, 1969 – July 18th, 1969
El Salvador and Honduras
The political...

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