Ghost of Rwanda

Ghost of Rwanda

Human Diversity

Five Advertisements

This picture to me seems racist based on black families verses white families. Here the ad shows a white mom and dad on the picture in a loving family shot. The other picture is a black mom holding a baby without a dad in the picture. To me it is sending out a signal that black fathers are no involved in their children’s life and that all black women are single moms.

This advertisement states in the bottom right corner “Raise a Champ”. This is surprising to me about Nike. The quote itself speaks volumes about how parents perceive their male sons. The add is indicating that parents would be so ashamed to go watch their son in a ballot and that ballot is not a sport and only real men play sports and ballet is for weak gay men.

This advertisement is derogatory towards gay men. They are showing a man that is wearing fruit and giggling using his hands in a suggestive way to promote a mint. It is also suggesting that gay may are fruity but can be strong too. This picture to me is making it ok to call gay men fruity.

This picture depicts an all-white cast wearing all white clothing sitting and drinking on a beautiful porch. This is for a show call “Society”. I think this show is about upper class and clearly doesn’t allow for black people to be part of this group. I also think it indicates that only white people in the south are rich and successful.

This advertisement is for American Apparel targeting men and women in their teens and twenties. Not only is this advertisement sexually objecting woman in a disgraceful way, but clearly stating that women are easy and can be taken whenever someone wants. For women, it is saying that if you buy the clothes from here, you will be as sexy as her, but also implying that women are easy to get. This ad is extremely wrong because it is objectifying women as sex toys. 

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