Project #5: Image Annotation and Map Composition


• To understand how to create annotation layers.
• To create a map composition using the IMAGINE Map Composer.

Part I - Image Annotation

Before you begin this section, select [Help | IMAGINE Online Documentation...] from the main IMAGINE icon panel. From here you are able to access all of the online documentation, as well as a number of digital books in Acrobat (*.pdf) format.  Take a brief look at the Annotation On-Line Manual t o get familiar with some of the cartographic tools in IMAGINE.
Begin by displaying an image in the Viewer.  Select [File | New | Annotation Layer...].  In the window that opens, choose a desired output path, name the new annotation layer file exercise-5.ovr, and press [OK].
The Annotation toolbar will appear. Click on the Create Text Annotation button in the menu.  Now move your cursor in the Viewer where you want to place text.  Single click and a window will appear for you to enter a text string. When you are done entering text, click [OK].  Now select the text by clicking it.  A double click with the mouse will bring up the Text Properties window.  You can move the text by selecting it (left mouse button) and sliding it around while holding the left mouse button down.  A box will appear around the text string and you can also alter the size by selecting the box and manipulating it.  Experiment.  If you want to make any changes in font style, color etc., make them while the text is selected and apply them. To de-select text, select an area on screen away from the text. You can change the text style by clicking on the Display Annotation Styles button.  When the Styles window appears, open the [Text Style] menu with the left mouse button and choose [Other...].  The Custom folder tab will give you several options to choose from including fill color, font style, and size.  Use this tool to make your choices about the text you will place in the...

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